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Labeling Machine - ALTECH US

In order to maintain close proximity to our customers in North America, in 2012 ALTECH opened an office in Cincinnati (OH) which coordinates, trains and updates the Distributors’ network that promotes our Italian-made labelers ......

Industrial Labeling Systems
Labeling Systems

ALTECH in-line automatic labeling machine can be configured for labeling cylindrical, elliptical and rectangular products, or for the application of tamper-proof seals and the labeling of fast-moving or irregularly-shaped products.

Industrial Label Applicators
Label Applicators - Labelers

ALstep and ALritma self-adhesive automatic label applicators work every day in our clients' packaging lines, spread over 50 countries around the world.

Print & Apply Systems in Real-Time
Print & Apply Systems in Real-Time

ALcode print & apply labeling system for self-adhesive labels can interface a computer and apply labels immediately after printing, in any position, on both stationary and moving products (also at high speed).

Industrial Labeling Systems from ALTECH

Manufacturers  of Labeling Equipments and Labeling Machines  

ALTECH is an Italian company which manufactures industrial labeling machines and material identification systems, distributing them in over 50 countries around the world. This web site is dedicated to U.S.A. market. ALTECH pressure sensitive labeling machines, so adaptable, flexible, dependable and efficient, are the result of the company’s curiosity, open-mindedness, and smartness. A company that, for over 20 years now, has invested in qualified people and resources to enhance the “Advanced Labeling Technologies” it was named after: ALTECH.

ALTECH group
ALTECH group

ALTECH distributes its products and provides assistance all around the world, through 90 resellers and three subsidiary companies in the USA, United Kingdom and Argentina.

Labeling Machine ALTECH
Labeling Machines, Labeling Systems and Labelers

The ALTECH labeling machines are used all over 50 countries, in multinationals, big companies and SMEs mainly operating in the food, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

ALTECH at Pack Expo Chicago 2018ALTECH at PACK EXPO CHICAGO 2018

Successfully closed the participation at the Pack Expo in Chicago, ALTECH takes the opportunity to thank all the visitors who were welcomed and all the people who worked and made a contribution to the success of the event!



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