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Pharmaceutical Labeling Systems

Thanks to its recognized reputation in the design of industrial labeling machines, ALTECH has developed the ALpharma Line, designed and built to label, protect and control pharmaceuticals products (vials, cases, bottles). This high quality labeling machine is suitable for meeting the strict constraints of the pharmaceutical industry.

Ampoules And Vials Labeling System ALpharma A - Ampoules And Vials Labeling System

Vial labeling machine ALpharma A is conceived for labeling vials, ampoules and small bottles, labeling is performed from tray to tray, “in-the-star-wheel”. Speed, up to 150 pcs/minute.

Pharmaceutical Boxes Labeling System ALpharma B - Pharmaceutical Boxes Labeling System

Integrated system for printing and applying labels to pharmaceutical shaped cases. For labeling with either bar code labels (tags, vignettes) or tamper-evident angle labels folded along the flaps (up to 200 pcs/min).

Wrap-Around Labeling System for Pharmaceutical Products ALpharma C - Wrap-Around Labeling System

For in-line wrap-around labeling of small cylindrical bottles, up to 250 pcs/min.

Horizontal Wrap Labeling Machine ALpharma CH - Horizontal Wrap Labeling Machine

Wrap-around labeling systems for particularly slim products (test tubes etc.), processed horizontally on an idle roller conveyor. Available with automatic loader.