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Labeling Systems

ALTECH in-line automatic labeling machine can be configured for labeling cylindrical, elliptical and rectangular products, or for the application of tamper-proof seals and the labeling of fast-moving or irregularly-shaped products.

Wrap Around Labeling Machine ALline C - Wrap Around Labeling Machine

The ALline C automatic labeling machine is ideal for applying wraparound labels to cylindrical packages, typically food, chemical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, in plastic, glass or metal bottles, jars, cans, etc.

Front & Back Labeling System ALline E - Front & Back Labeling System

The ALline E - front & back labeling machine - is conceived to apply one, two or more front/back labels to elliptical or rectangular products, generally food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical products in plastic, glass or metal bottles and jars.

Labeling Machine For Custom Labeling Solutions ALline Special – Labeling Machine For Custom Labeling Solutions

The ALline Special labeling system can be configured to meet specific labeling requirements. 

Top label applicator - ALbelt Labeling system ALbelt – Open Structure Labeling System

ALbelt is a simplified linear labeling system which is open and compact, completely automatic and particularly economical. It can be configured for top and side labeling of various products: box, case label applicator.

Wrap Around Labeling System for bottles, jars, cans and pots ALbelt C – Economical Wrap Around Labeling System

ALbelt C is a compact linear labeling machine for applying wraparound labels to cylindrical products such as bottles, cans, jars and pots, and represents the ideal entry-level, automatic solution to get started with self-adhesive labeling.

Top And Bottom Labeling System ALbelt two sections - Top And Bottom Labeling System

ALbelt Labeling Machine - Made of a two-section conveyor for top and bottom labeling of products. One or more label applicators from the ALstep and ALritma ranges are used for the labeling, often equipped with printing units.