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Successfully closed the participation at the Pack Expo in Chicago, ALTECH takes the opportunity to thank all the visitors who were welcomed and all the people who worked and made a contribution to the success of the event!

ALTECH at Pack Expo Chicago 2018

Every other year, the Chicago edition has welcomed tens of thousands of visitors not only from the US, but from more than 100 countries spread over five continents.

Pack Expo Chicago has  therefore become an unmissable regular appointment for ALTECH, where we have shown off the latest innovations in the labeling machine sector with great success. The US is, indeed, a major importer of Italian-made packaging machines. ALTECH, whose US presence is through its subsidiary ALTECH US, based in Cincinnati, OH, has exhibited at North Upper Hall, Booth 6341. The company  showed off its enormous range of innovative labelers able to apply, track, verify and code self-adhesive labels on almost any kind of product.

The following are some of the most interesting labeling solutions which have been on display:

  1. An ALcode P real-time print &apply system for the application of A5 labels to two sides of a pallet.
  2. The ALritma X label applicator which was in operation on a simulator. The Alritma X is ALTECH’s top-of-the-range labeling head and can reach a speed of 1,000 labels per minute, while maintaining absolute precision even at variable speeds (ideal for rotary labelers).
  3. An ALline E front/back labeling system for cylindrical, elliptical and rectangular products.
  4. The new ALcode real-time print&apply labeling system, with colour touchscreen panel and a new graphical interface.
  5. The new cost-effective ALstep labeling head with control box equipped with a new aluminium profile casing.
  6. An ALmatic C semi-automatic labeling system for labeling of cylindrical products.