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At this year's PPMA show which ran from 29 September -1st October in Birmingham, the ALTECH stand was visited by numerous customers and some exciting new leads from different countries.


The most innovative machine presented by ALTECH is a fully automated and equipped ALline paint can labeling system. Smooth and precise, this system performs a complex task:

  • registering two labels to the seam of the can - by lifting the handle;
  • printing and applying a swatch label.

The sweets  produced by Liquid Lens proved very popular. ALTECH had three products on offer: tubes, pots, and pouches.

  • The tubes were labeled on an ALline labeling machine with a roller conveyor and an integrated innovative hopper infeed unit;
  • the pouches and pots were labelled on a single multi-functional ALbelt machine equipped with an ALritma applicator with ICE printer.

The versatility of the ALbelt solution allows Liquid Lens to automatically treat both products - the pouches are fed onto a conveyor (by our new ALfeed friction feeder) while the  pots are inducted from a rotary table and labeled with a tamper seal.

The tamper label is initially applied ‘flagged’ on the product and then adapted in ‘watchstrap’ format via simple pneumatic system. The machine is designed to run at a conservative 50-60 p/min to match the rate of other conditioning operations.