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Aftersales Services

ALTECH industrial labeling machines enjoy support throughout their lifetime from expert technicians who perform maintenance, repairs and any implementation necessary. 

Telephone and remote support

Our computerized engineering and maintenance system allows us to quickly and efficiently identify information, drawings and photos (sometimes even videos) for every machine sold in order to help us solve any customer problems as quickly as possible.

All support calls are recorded and monitored on our maintenance support system, and many problems can be solved quickly and efficiently over the phone by the same technician who built, tested or installed the machine.

The latest generation of machines, fitted with PLCs, can be connected to the Internet via a router so as to allow ALTECH to directly monitor the situation, reducing the time necessary to identify any fault.

Technical Support

  • Whenever a technical support visit is required, we pledge to provide a response within eight working hours.
  • For service and support requests, contact us at the following email address:

Training and User Manuals

Even the best machinery must be correctly set up and operated in order to run in an optimal fashion. We provide complete and thorough training for every labelling machine we install, usually at the customer's premises.

Training is differentiated according to roles (operators, supervisors, maintenance technicians) to ensure they all have the required degree of knowledge for correct and effective management and maintenance.

Our user manuals on CD have simple, illustrated instructions to follow for setting up and fine tuning your labeling machine and solving any problems. The CD also contains the spare parts catalogue as a dynamic PDF file which provides a 3D view of the machine design, allowing you to easily locate the part concerned.