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Technical advices, training, after-sales support and service

ALTECH designs and manufactures labeling machines in Italy and installs them in many countries – in the North America as well - through a continuously expanding distribution network. Our distributors undergo a rigorous selection process and are well trained, informed and supported

It is through them that our customers benefit from our experience, representing added value and therefore increased profit for every ALTECH system user.

All packaged products such as foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics etc. require decoration, identification, sealing and marking, in order to meet the requirements for their sale, transportation, storage and handling in general. In most cases the answer is a label – usually a pressure sensitive label

That is why ALTECH systems are so widespread, why we are consulted and our suggestions followed so often. Our Sales Agents are genuine consultants and our Distributors are trained and motivated professionals who are sensitive to customer problems; they are set up to satisfy all customer needs and requirements. 

They know all about logistics and packaging issues and are thoroughly familiar with the materials they are dealing with. They can outline the best configuration for any labeling situation, configuring the standard modules in our catalogue in order to offer tailor-made solutions which include nothing more, but above all nothing less, than what is required to do the job perfectly.

Once installed, an ALTECH labeling machine is serviced throughout its lifetime by expert technical staff who provides repairs and other work as required. This is how the success of our systems translates into success for our distributors, and benefits for our customers, in a mutually beneficial and cooperative relationship.