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In order to maintain close proximity to our customers in North America, in 2012 ALTECH opened an office which coordinates, trains and updates the Distributors’ network that promotes our Italian-made labelers.

in Canada and the U.S. and takes care of the after-sales service using local resources. The office is based in Huston, is managed by its Sales Manager, Dan Mendez, who has extensive experience in the packaging and labeling sector.

Moreover it has been released this web site  which is specially dedicated to the US market and will make it possible to get directly in touch with a dedicated technical/commercial structure. In this way, each lead from the market will be forwarded to the relevant Distributor (by industry or region). The site also features the complete range of labelers, as well as numerous ad hoc solutions in the News section.

Finally, we would like to remind you that ALTECH is a regular exhibitor at Pack Expo in Chicago where we show off our most representative and up-to-date systems for decorating and identifying products using adhesive labels. We hope to see you there at the 2024 event! 


Dan Mendez

Sales Manager

ALTECH US Office & Service

Tel. (832) 444-4334


ALTECH Made in Italy

Tel. +39 02903634.64