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ALcode LT – Compact and Economical Print & Apply System

Real-time self-adhesive label printing and application system specifically for applications where a compact, low-cost solution is the primary requirement.

The labeler incorporates the SATO LT 408 print module which is able to print labels up to 4" width, at a speed of 6"/sec and with 200 dpi resolution.

The label-application devices are mostly those in the ALcode range, but with many parts redesigned to respond to the requirements for versatility and compact size typical of this model:

  • air-jet application for irregular products moving at high speed,
  • swinging-roller application for labels of different shapes
  • piston application for stationary products.

ALcode LT is microprocessor controlled. The electronics and pneumatics are smoothly integrated with the strong mechanical base supporting the 9" diam. unwinder unit and printer, making the machine particularly light and small: it fits easily in the narrow spaces of packaging lines.

Technical specifications ALcode LT



Thermal transfer 


-  RS232C


-  Option RS422/RS485/LAN

Stampante SATO LT 408

Max. label width

100 mm


200 Dpi

Print speed

150 mm/sec




Configurazioni possibili

-  Air-blow with or without piston
-  Tamp by contact
-  Multiformat swinging plate


Label roll diameter

220 mm 

Power supply

220V, 50 Hz, 800W

Air Consumption

 5 bars, 50 litre/min


Print & Apply Systems in Real-Time

ALcode print & apply labeling system for self-adhesive labels can interface a computer and apply labels immediately after printing, in any position, on both stationary and moving products (also at high speed).