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ALcode P – Pallet Labeling System

The ALcode P pallet labeling system prints and applies A5 format SSCC labels onto two adjacent pallet sides, but also to three sides on request. Performance: up to 120 pallets/h (180 with labeling on one side only).

The ergonomic structure and control panel integrated in the safety cabinet are key features of ALcode P, which is able to apply labels onto two (front + side) or three sides (front + side + rear) of the pallets.

The applicator can label pallets also with little differences in dimensions, shapes and stopping position. Labelling of the various sides only requires one pallet stop.

An optional laser scanner can check that the barcodes are legible and that both labels have been correctly applied, performing a second attempt in the event of an error before generating an alarm to stop the line when necessary.

Print Engine

ALcode P uses the SATO 8460Se printer unit, which guarantees high-quality performance even in harsh industrial environments.

  • Print resolution: 200 or 300 dpi
  • Print speed: up to 12"/second
  • Printing width: 4"- 6"
  • The machine body also allows alternative printing units (Zebra, Datamax, Valentin etc.).

ALcode P


Print Type

Thermal Transfer


-  RS232C  











Max. label width

134 mm

134 mm

165 mm

Print width

128 mm

112 mm

152 mm


200 Dpi

300 Dpi

200 Dpi

Print speed

300 mm/sec

200 mm/sec

200 mm/sec








Standard configurations

-  Two sides applicator for pallets
-  Front/side or side/back logic possibility, without change parts
-  Left or right packaging line position, without change parts

Special configurations 

-  Long stroke single side pallet applicator
-  Front only pallet labeller
-  Three sides pallet labeller

Production speed

Up to 120 pallets/h depending on label size and on the applicator configuration









Label roll diameter 

300 mm (option: 400 mm) 

Power supply

220V, 50 Hz, 800W

Air supply

5 bars, 50 litre/min


Print & Apply Systems in Real-Time

ALcode print & apply labeling system for self-adhesive labels can interface a computer and apply labels immediately after printing, in any position, on both stationary and moving products (also at high speed).