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ALbelt two sections - Top And Bottom Labeling System

ALbelt Labeling Machine - Made of a two-section conveyor for top and bottom labeling of products. One or more label applicators from the ALstep and ALritma ranges are used for the labeling, often equipped with printing units.

When base labeling is required, on its own or in combination with top labeling, there are two solutions to choose from:

  • one is a special transport system formed of two sections, with the label dispenser blade installed in the space between the two sections
  • the other is a system of high-adhesion side belts (servo-controlled and normally installed on a self-centering support system) to expose the lower part of the product for labeling.

These solutions also allow ALbelt to also be configured for C-wrap labeling of products (like wraparound seals, often printed). The application of a C-shaped label around the top, bottom and front parts of a product is a labeling solution generally used in supermarkets with food trays for products such as meats, deli foods and fresh produce.

Our C-wrap labeling solutions can be customized in terms of dimensions and performance to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers, allowing us to offer solutions which are some of the most compact and flexible on the market, as well as the best performing.

Labeling Systems

ALTECH in-line automatic labeling machine can be configured for labeling cylindrical, elliptical and rectangular products, or for the application of tamper-proof seals and the labeling of fast-moving or irregularly-shaped products.