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Blister Pack Labeling - (PFIZER Mexico)

PFIZER Mexico has equipped itself with a highly sophisticated, high-performance ALpharma labeling system to label the packages containing the blisters of its “precious” blue pills.

Blister Pack Labeling - (PFIZER Mexico)

This system from ALTECH performs automatic application of three self-adhesive labels which form a safety and guarantee seal on the flaps of the boxes (200 pieces per minute).

Safety, Flexibility and Guaranteed Production

The system, constructed in stainless steel, meets FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements and is equipped with all safety devices required for the product and protection of the operator in all circumstances, as specified by rigorous Mexican pharmaceutical regulations.

As well as applying two opposing corner-folded labels - using two ALritma labelling heads - the system applies a third, hologram label on top of the boxes, representing Pfizer's guarantee against any fake products.

ALpharma is configured to allow 17 different box formats to be processed; format changes are facilitated and assisted by dedicated devices.

The labeling operations are thoroughly monitored using fluorescence sensors (typical of the synthetic labels used). Any problems are immediately detected, with the faulty product discarded.

Process control is performed by a Siemens PLC with custom software; the operator can monitor it and make adjustments on a multifunction touchscreen panel. A series of specific alarms for each fault/anomaly allow the operator to intervene in a timely fashion.

The Pfizer group

Pfizer is a multinational biopharmaceuticals group which is over 150 years old. With around 6.5 billion dollars invested during 2014, it is in first place for R&D investment in the pharmaceuticals sector.

Pfizer was the largest manufacturer of penicillin in the world and launched the polio vaccine Sabin onto the market, along with a series of innovative medicines in different treatment areas.

In 1998 the company revolutionised treatment of erectile dysfunction, giving hope once again to the approximately 100 million men around the world affected by this condition (as well as younger men suffering from performance anxiety).