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Labeling Solutions for Food Trays

On the back of its extensive experience in the labeling and coding sector, ALTECH offers industrial labeling machines for all sectors featuring rapid and efficient application at highly competitive costs.

Labeling Solutions for Food Trays

To meet the coding and labeling requirements of the food sector, ALTECH has produced a line of labeling equipments purposely designed for flat products (food trays mainly) used to preserve an extensive variety of foodstuff.

This line is called ALbelt, successfully traded in Italy and abroad by the company. It is a compact and completely automatic linear system equipped with one or more labeling heads of the series ALstep or ALritma, depending on the best configuration required by the application.

The most classic configurations can be found in the systems for top labeling, top and bottom labeling, angle and U- labeling, typical of the seals of the trays commonly used to preserve fresh products such as pasta, meat, salad, and more.

For bottom labeling, the system is provided with a two-section conveyor with a label dispenser blade installed between the two sections, or a high-adhesion side belts system to lay the lower part of the product for labeling.

Highly flexible and with expandable and totally customisable components, ALbelt can also be configured as to meet any labeling requirement. As well as applying one or more labels on various parts of the product, ALbelt can be used for more complex applications, such as applying overlapping labels (to propose a discount or special offer) or making a non-stop system for continuous labeling.

This picture shows a configuration made up of three ALritma labeling heads for the application of two labels on the upper side and one on the lower side of vegetables trays. Due to the uneven surface of the products, the two upper ALritma heads are equipped with an air-jet applicator for no contact application to moving trays. The lower and the first upper heads are also fitted with a printer module for printing variable data.

Rounding off the system is a downstream adapter by rotary brushes, which ensures optimum adhesion of the label to the product surface.

The ALstep/ALritma labeling heads can also be equipped with thermal transfer printers to apply variable data, such as best before dates, barcodes, and other useful information.