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Motor oil bottle labeling machine

A large manufacturer of motor oils in the Southern United States purchased an ALline E non-stop front and back labeler in 2012 to label their quart oil bottles.  


Equipped with 4 ALritma XM label heads, the company is able to apply front and back labels to their quart container at 180 bpm non-stop.

Using the CS07 microprocessor for non-stop labeling, the labeler automatically changes from one roll to the next when a roll is depleted.

The company convinced of the quality and durability of the labeler has since purchased other ALtech equipment.  They purchased an ALbelt carton labeling system to apply front and back label to cartons on their quart line.

In 2015 they added another ALline E. This machine (equipped with 2 ALritma label applicator) is designed for their shorter runs for their contract packaging business.  The machine is extremely flexible and capable of applying front and back labels to a variety of bottle sizes including:  quart, liter, 5 liter, gallon and 5 gallon buckets.  The buckets are hand fed onto the extra wide conveyor, while the other size containers are supplied by their filler at speeds of 60 bpm.