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Front and back bottle labeling machine & Security seal

ALTECH’s extensive experience in labeling for the beverage sector allows the company to create labeling and coding systems for cans, bottles, jars and tubs of any size and shape.

Front and back bottle labeling machine

Of ALTECH's numerous solutions, the ALline system is undoubtedly one of the most complete and versatile. Designed as a modular and expandable system, ALline offers highly personalised configurations to meet even the most specific labeling requirements. 

ALTECH has recently installed an extremely interesting model of ALline at a producer of liqueurs. The system in question applies two front-back labels plus an upper seal to bottles which are rectangular and slightly conical in shape.

 The products are fed into the ALline system by a dual-belt product spacer, and are pre-oriented and released with the correct timing by a three-roller centring device so that the label is applied correctly centred with respect to a relief on the bottle. The correctly spaced and oriented products first have a tamper-proof seal applied to the cap, before two ALritma series labeling heads apply two labels to opposing faces of the bottles. The system is able to process between 30 and 50 bottles per minute.

Particular attention was paid to the machine's control system, which is equipped with a PLC and 7” touchscreen panel, through which the operator is able to control the machine in a simple and intuitive manner. The system also assists the operator in format changes, which are made incredibly fast thanks to the numerous parameters which can be stored in the 100 available recipes.