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Wrap around labeling machine for protein powder jars

With its many years of experience, ALTECH is able to create labeling solutions to satisfy any and all requirements while at the same time guaranteeing quality and reliability.

Wrap around labeling machine for Protein Powder Jars

Wrap-around labeling is a typical requirement of the packaging sector. It is, indeed, necessary for a huge variety of products: bottles, tins, cold cuts, pharmaceutical vials and containers of all sizes require labels which wrap around them, whether completely or partially. In order to respond to all possible requirements which may be imposed by these products, ALTECH offers the ALline C system, designed and built specifically to apply wrap-around labels to cylindrical products (whether they are glass, metal or plastic).

An ALline C wrap-around labeling machine has recently been installed at a protein powder manufacturer in the United States. The products in question come in large plastic jar – really very fat bottlesof which there are five different formats, all requiring a wrap-around label. The ALline C system supplied by ALTECH is equipped with a motorised product spacer, an ALritma M labeling head and a wrap-around unit. The product spacer, installed upline of the labeling system, separates the products as they travel along the conveyor. The products, now suitably spaced, arrive at the labeling head which applies the label to them. The downline wrap-around unit then rotates the product, ensuring the label is perfectly applied and stuck down. The labeling system is also equipped with a save function for the parameters for a specific label-product combination, allowing all labeling devices to be set simply and intuitively for labeling the five different formats.

All ALTECH ALline systems feature a modular, expandable design and all components are easily accessible, removable and interchangeable.